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Lets unpack my client's audience together

…but you've never had the time or headspace to work out what that ACTUALlY looks like.

Let me guess:
Deep inside you already knew that your audience holds the key to copy that sings...

And writing copy that truly resonates with your dream customers has been on your to-master list for a while, but…

⌓ The whole process seems far too complex to unpack on your own

⌓ You keep telling yourself you have to be a 'proper' copywriter to write copy with ease (and quickly!)

⌓ You keep resorting to pulled-out-of-thin-air messaging

Because that's the ONLY take on copywriting you know.

Tell me more

What if I told you...

Writing customer-led, strategic copy isn't as complex as it may seem.

What it comes down to is...
⌓ Knowing AND finding your perfect-fit audience
⌓ Asking them a set of strategic questions
⌓ Using your audience's genius to your advantage

And watching (AKA swiping!) my tips & tricks that allow me to transform juicy audience intel into copy that sings.

The Over-the-shoulder Tutorial


Join me for this bite-sized 20-min session as I take a real 1:1 client project from strategic audience research to winning website copy

This actionable, real-life example unpacks my strategic, customer-centric approach to copywriting and is designed to spark the aha-moments you wish you had BEFORE spending far too many hours on the words currently associated with your brand.

What you'll witness?

⌓ How I TRULY get to know my client's ideal prospect
(even without existing clients to tap into) 

⌓ Clever tips & tricks to unpack the priceless insights your audience shares with you

⌓ How I let my client's perfect-fit audience do the groundwork for converting website copy

Learn how I approached the juicy intel we collected to not only give me priceless messaging insights, but to boost my client's marketing efforts well into the future

Discover the what


Find out how I accessed the deepest thoughts of my client's perfect-fit customer even without the luxury of an existing customer database to tap into

Explore the How


Watch me turn the golden nuggets of audience intel into strategic copy that speaks to the core of my client's customer.

It'll blow your mind!

Say wow on repeat

Who am
I to talk?

 Over the past close to 7 years, I've been lucky to work with the most amazing women across various stages of their business journey driven to strategically generate sales, delight their customers and create a loyal brand following.

As an audience-driven copywriter & brand strategist, I help female founders like you create customer-led words that ethically attract, nurture and celebrate your dream customers so you get the results and the fulfilment you deserve.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

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