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for the bold

Ready for the smarter AND confident way to market, sell and show up as a brand?

Everything you need to boost your entire business. Strategically.

Let me show you what that can look like

⌓ Joins the conversation already happening in your customer's mind rather than add to the marketing 'noise'

⌓ Trusts in solid long-term strategies rather than half-baked short-term goals

⌓ Hooks your customers with a compelling story rather than a bargain-basement pricetag

⌓ Grows an engaged audience with insights, research and messaging that gets readers to nod along

And you're serious about growing a business that...

Seeing you here tells me you don't do things by halves.


This ☝️ strategic take on copywriting and your brand is news to you.
But you're hooked!

Do you want to be one of the smart female founders tapping into a rock-solid brand toolkit...

...or will you keep wondering, second-guessing and winging it?

You'd nail it efortlessly and confidently point them to your website
(because you know it's red hot)

stumbling over 'so what do you do?' at every networking event

You'd rock your content pillars for the perfect blend of on-brand gems

overcoming content roadblocks over yet another late night

you'd keep working your zone-of-genius magic while I write strategic copy for you

spending hours writing your [insert copy headache] yourself

You'd rely on the plug-n-play prompts straight from the source: Your audience 

pulling ideas for your next edm out of thin air

Instead of

You'd start to Attract, retain and delight your dream customers with confidence and clarity

we'll get our strategy
hat on


The brand & Copy

the stratregic brand and copy-boosting bundle that delivers...

⌓ Mind-blowing audience insights to transform your marketing
⌓ A crystal clear brand strategy to rock your point of difference
⌓ Strategic copy ready to show off (and monetise)

launch email sequence that attracts your audience to your offer so they purchase well before doors close

A money-making abandoned cart sequence and a first-purchase sequence that teases the next logical step

a long-form sales page that ehtically invites your audience to click that buy now button because they nod along as they read it. Right to the end.

A value-adding, relationship-building welcome sequence that warms your audience to your offer so they're ready to buy

An seo-optimised 5-page website that naturally attracts your dream clients and sends everyone else to the competition

Which copy components can we tick off in a brand & copy Intensive?

One of these sales-boosting gems.
The choice is yours!

Got something else in mind?
Need more copy in one go?

Let's chat

Hey, I'm Nadine

As a brand strategist and strategic copywriter I help female founders just like you to a strategic brand experience that attracts, nurtures and celebrates your dream clients so you get the results and the fulfilment you always dreamed of.

Over the past 5+ years I've been fortunate to work with the most amazing women across various stages of their business journey driven to strategically generate sales, delight their customers and create a loyal brand following.

And you could become one of them. #pinchme

"It is hard to find the words to describe Nadine (pardon the pun). Not only is she a super [good] human, she is also freaking phenomenal at all things strategy, content, SEO and copy. Nadine has literally become my go to for all things - let's make sense of what is in my head, to let's make this happen. Her efficiency, ideas, experience, skill, knowledge and service are unparalleled."

Stacey Christie, The[good]

"I was surprised at how well you were able to capture ME! Something that not even I could capture. You were able to get a great understanding on how I talk to my clients/leads and craft my copy to showcase that."


"Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Real talent and experience is invaluable so just make the investment in your business."

"Working with you has given me more clarity on the direction of my business."

bella bakken, Arlo Wellness

Kind Words

The Brand Strategy


Let's go deep and set you up with a clear picture of your 2 core audience groups beyond the basics:

⌓ Content pillars to nurture engagement
⌓ Thought patterns and what they mean for you
⌓ The language that will resonate with each
⌓ Messages to prime them to be ready to buy
(and buy again)

Receive a detailed video walkthrough of each component so you can dive even deeper into my strategic brand & copy brain.

Keep the videos on file for those moments when you feel like a recap.

That allows us to apply any small tweaks and amends to deliver copy that you 100% LOVE.

Copy that's what you picture RIGHT NOW.

My TLC for you and your brand keeps giving.

With 2 weeks of Voxer or email support you can launch  or refine your brand messaging with peace of mind (and the support of your trusted brand cheerleader).

Now it's over to me to analyse, strategise and write for your fabulous brand.

Across 2 days I'll uncover the insights, map out the strategy (SEO included) and write the powerful copy that will get you the results you've been dreaming of for too long.

Now that we know your audience inside out, let's define your brand so you can show up consistently and confidently:

⌓ Your brand archetypes & persona
⌓ Your USP, mission, vision and purpose
⌓ 10+ plug-n-play brand taglines
⌓ Your brand voice, lingo, DOs & DON'Ts

The Audience Profile

Video Walkthrough

1 Round of Reviews


VIP Support


My Audience Success Formula

Let's catch up via Zoom to get serious about your brand and copy. We'll cover:

⌓ Your offer
⌓ Your audience
⌓ Your competition & niche
⌓ Your personality & story
⌓ Your point of difference
⌓ Your copy wish list

Strategy Session


Your brand & Copy Intensive sets you up with the strategy and words to make big moves.

Let's uncover the dreams, desires, fears and objections that stand between you and the sale so we can craft brand messaging that convinces to buy and is ANYTHING BUT generic.

My done-for-you customer and prospect survey gives you VIP access to powerful statements and language that will turn fluff into tangible strategies. Ready-to-go email template included!

Without weeks of back and forth.

Monica & Anita, Co-Founders

"We have confidently implemented the copy on our website and across social media. It makes people better understand our product and converts to more sales. Our conversion rate is higher than before!"

Plie Australia

Lauren Brown, Founder

"Nadine has articulated our mission perfectly. She went so much deeper than just the words and helped us understand the strategy so our brand shines even brighter."


Renee portelli, Founder

"I went into the Intensive hoping to get a clearer picture of my customers and pave a strategic journey for my business. I walked away with so much more!"

Porta Leather

Real Results

It's time for you to complete my strategy brief and hit send on your custom audience survey before we jump on a 2.5-hour strategy session. That's where we sift through all the goodness, bump brains and strategise in preparation for your audience profile, brand strategy and copy to unfold.

MAP OUT your project


Go for that yellow button and book a chat to kick things off. Once we’ve worked out that we’re a perfect fit and you’re happy to pay for my brain to be exclusively yours, you can sleep tight knowing that strategic delights are on the horizon.



Time to craft a fits-like-a-glove approach for your 2 core customer groups before strategising for your brand so it's instantly recognisable for all the right reasons. That's when I'll move on to scheming and writing your copy.



Like the sound of a crystal clear brand strategy anD copy for your business?

A week later you'll receive your video walkthroughs, your strategy docs and your shiny new copy. That's when your 1 round of copy edits kicks off and 2 weeks of VIP access to my via email or Voxer kicks off.

your gems ON A PLATTER


It could unfold just like this:

Anne Koopmann-Schmidt

“What stood out to me was the detail and support Nadine provides throughout the process.

It made my whole launch experience so much easier."

Success Story

Real reviews & results

The Brand & Copy Intensive
is perfect for business owners who know they need the complete brand package. Quickly.

The Brand & Copy Intensive is perfect for business owners who know they need the complete brand package. Quickly.

With my confidence-boosting guidance

Because undivided attention and 1 Intensive client at a time is what gets you strategic goodness and words. Quickly!

1 week from
zero to hero

Because having several people strategise for your brand is asking for disjointed messaging and a mismatched brand voice. #farfromideal

One person
across your brand

Because you don't have time to go back and forth for *weeks* only to lose momentum and forget why you started in the first place.

like a full project.
Just faster.

Then you're ready for this experience.

"I'm ready to get serious about my brand so I can save time and headspace. And finally gain traction with my brand."

"I have existing customers to survey or know where my ideal customers hang out so I can gather insights there."

"I don't want to be 1 of MANY clients clouding my brand strategist's mind. I'm all about 1:1 in the moment."

"I want to work with someone who can help me refine my brand AND possibly complement it with on-brand copy down the track."

"I want to work with someone who exclusively works with business owners like me who want to lead with purpose." 

Sounds like you?

You can either pay 100% upfront


50% when you lock in your Intensive dates
50% a week out from our kick-off call

Do you offer payment plans?

Because that's the perfect amount of time to analyse, scheme, strategise and write for your brand.

It's the perfect blend of speed and substance.

And that's what makes it so potent and impactful!

why does this intensive run over 1 week?

The Strategic Brand & Copy Intensive works best if you already know your offer and have put some thought into processes, beliefs and ideals behind your business.

The more research you've done at your end, the more I've got to work with.

But ultimately, the Strategic Brand & Copy Intensive is all about coming up with a plan.

Will this work if I don’t have a plan?

The Strategic Brand & Copy Intensive is intentionally designed as a done-for-you service. That means I do most of the work for you!

What I do need from you before our Intensive is your brain dump into my strategy brief, you sending out the done-for-you audience survey with matching email template and 2 hours of your time on day 1.

How involved do I have to be?

Yes, you certainly do.

You'll have VIP access to me for 2 weeks by email or Voxer to help you find answers to any questions, give you pointers for implementation and celebrate those aha moments with you.

Do I get access to you after the Intensive?

It's best to plan ahead and lock in your Intensive well in advance.

Because I only work with 4 Intensive clients a month, things book up rather quickly. A 6 week wait isn't unheard of...

So if you're considering working with me, let's jump on a call.

what's the wait time?

Looking for As to your Qs?

THEN LET'S take the first step to LOCK IN your brand & copy Intensive today.

ARE YOU READY to market your brand with confidence and clarity?

AUD 5,000 + GST

Have your brand in check and all you need is copy?