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Copy Confidence Collective

The Copy Confidence Collective boosts your DIY copywriting efforts one strategy, review and bright spark at a time.

are you the by-default copywriter in your biz and doubt yourself every time you hit the keyboard?

let's turn niggling doubtS into oozing confidence

Because great copy can ABSOLUTELY...

and you'd love some of the subtle selling power that comes with GREAT Copy!

You know that words have the power to sell.

🎉 Create meaningful connections that turn cold leads into long-term paying customers

🎉 Prime your audience gradually so you don't have to resort to icky selling tactics

🎉 Increase your impact, sales and bottom line

I help small business owners like you to turn almost-great copy into ready-to-publish masterpieces.

Writing copy is part of any online business (if we like it or not). And while ChatGPT helps, it can't deliver the

the copy confidence collective is your chance to ...

All the goods

If business gets super busy and you decide to outsource a copy project to me, save BIG with your exclusive Copy Confidence discount for as long as you're a member

AUD $300 off Yours for a Day Sessions

Ask me your strategy, business or copy-related questions via Voxer every 3rd Friday of the month for my strategic 1:1 suggestions

1 x monthly Copy Confidence Chat

Access my strategies, ideas and suggestions for your highest priority copy creation each week

1 x weekly Copy Confidence Critique

...get regular 1:1 support from a seasoned copywriter:

Tap into my personalised feedback to make your copy clearer and more concise, ready to generate BIG SALES!

Watch me edit, review and fine-tune your copy in short-and-sharp video critiques each and every week.

(without any copy jargon or references to complex formulas)

(AKA have my 7+ years of copywriting experience and 20+ years in marketing & sales touch down in your inbox for a fraction of the DFY pricetag)

Over the past 7+ years, I've been lucky to support 100+ of the most amazing women across various stages of their business journey driven to strategically generate sales, delight their customers and create a loyal brand following. With GREAT copy to lead their way!

As an audience-driven copywriter and brand strategist with a background in PR & sales, I help women-led brands just like you create strategic copy and messaging that ethically attracts, nurtures and celebrates your dream clients for more sales, impact and purpse.


MEET YOUR copy coach & mentor

Submit your first copy critique request as soon as you join so you can be a lot more STRATEGIC with your copy right away.

Best of all?

🤩 Your website copy
🤩 Your sales pages
🤩 Your landing pages
🤩 Your weekly emails
🤩 Your welcome sequence
🤩 Your sales sequence
🤩 Your tripwire pages
🤩 Your podcast pitches
🤩 Your case studies

let's give you an idea of the copy components i can critique for you:

Tanya Garma,
Co-Founder of GrowGetters

"Working with Nadine is more than just copywriting. It's brand strategy, it's connection. It has already given us so much more clarity on who we are as a business and has aided in its organic growth. Amazing!"

Hear it from them

What my clients have to say:

The membership for busy small business owners like you ready to boost your DIY copywriting efforts one strategy, review and bright spark at a time

copy confidnence collective


(for more sales, impact and confidence)

⌓ 1 x weekly Copy Confidence Critique

Access my strategies, ideas and suggestions for your most pressing copy creation each week

⌓ 1 x monthly Copy Confidence Chat

Ask me your strategy, business or copy-related questions via Voxer every 3rd Friday of the month and score my 1:1 suggestions & ideas

⌓ AUD $300 off Yours for a Day Sessions

If business (or life) do take over and you decide to outsource your copy to me, save BIG with your exclusive Copy Confidence discount for as long as you're a member

AUD $290
(≈ USD $195)

AUD $1,160
(≈ USD $780)

join monthly
(leave any time)

join for 6 months
(and only pay for 4)

what you can expect each month within the collective:

capped at 20 members!

GST applies for Australian customers




This could be your reaction:

Have NO immediate need to write copy for your business (but who doesn't, right???)

Are a copywriting pro, and have all your copywriting strategies sorted

Have a team to sense-check ideas with (among them someone who writes copy REALLY well)

Have no issues writing your must-complete copy components on time every single week

Are certain this investment will push you over the limit (and put your finances at risk)

Can't handle more ideas (because your brain works on overdrive as it is)


Write copy on a regular basis and could do with a copywriter's feedback to improve for good

Dread writing and regularly move copywriting to the bottom of your to-do list

Have great ideas, but you'd love someone to either validate them for you or steer you in the right direction

Could do with accountability to ACTUALLY write your money-generating copy pieces

Can comfortably afford this investment without it causing financial hardship

Want fresh ideas for your business, copy and marketing efforts

JOIN today IF YOU:

The Copy Confidence Collective may be perfect for you.

Absolutely! It's the perfect opportunity to access advice relevant to your business from someone who usually charges AUD$440 for a 90min Pick my Brain Session. It's the budget-friendly way to up your copy game with each critique, and apply my suggestions to your DIY copywriting strategy moving forwards. I'll become your personal copy coach who's got your back each and every week!

i'm fairly new to business. is this membership for me?


Every 3rd Friday of the month you'll have access to me via the free walkie talkie app, Voxer. Ask me any copy, business or marketing-related questions for your business in private between 8am and 5.30pm AEST. These come in handy to map things out for the month ahead and get my strategic copy brain firing before you submit your copy pieces.

how do the monthly copy confidence calls work?


You have until Friday 8pm AEST each week to submit your copy for review and I'll deliver your critique (including my suggestions, thoughts and ideas) straight to your inbox within the next 7 days. The video review of your Google Doc or url will be up to 15mins long with clear, easy-to-understand recommendations minus the jargon.




As soon as you join! Seeing you here means you likely have an immediate need for my support, so let's get stuck in right away! Simply access your member portal on Thrivecart Learn where you find all the details on how to submit your copy for review (as well as the upcoming monthly Copy Confidence Chat dates ready to add to your diary).

when can i submit my first piece of copy for review?


The doors to Copy Confidence Collective are always open... BUT once the 20 spots are taken, you'll have to wait for someone to leave the Collective before you can join. So if you have regular projects on the go, it might be the best approach to guard your spot.

is this membership always open to join or do doors ever close?


No, it doesn't! The Copy Confidence Collective supports you on your DIY copywriting journey with me as your mentor to critique your work. If you do want to me write certain copy for you, then simply use your AUD$300 member discount on a Yours for a Day session.

does this membership include done for you copywriting?


Copy Confidence Collective is your opportunity to make me your 1:1 copy coach at less than half the pricetag for the next 6 months!

Whether you write your copy from scratch or rely on AI to speed things up (I see you, one woman show), having an objective observer on tap to critique your revenue-generating copy is priceless.

Are you going to make my...


...your sales-boosting sidekicks?

My done for you copywriting packages start at AUD$2,400 per day.


Want to chat things through? Reach out: