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Welcome to DIY Copy

Whether you're just starting out or are knee-deep in words.

DIY Copywriting Resources

REady to DIY Your copy?

Learn tricks of the trade to help you connect the many dots

Rather than launch with random copy bits and pieces

piggyback off a strategic copywriter who breaks things down into actionable steps

Rather than not start at all because you're scared

Soak up bite-sized resources to help you progress step by step

Rather than going it alone second-guessing yourself

Writing your own copy doesn't have to be hard...

Let's explore how you can DIY your copy until you're ready to outsource.

There's a good chance you're not ready to hand over your copy to a professional copywriter.

Especially at the beginning of your business journey.

This is the destination for you!

Whether that's with my done-for-you services, a sneaky day rate or these free and low-cost resources to get you started on your copy journey.

AS a strategic copywriter I love helping women in business

your sneaky overview

Grab the 10 FREE strategic survey questions that mean you could hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your business today.

What if you could unlock your unfair audience advantage?



Together we'll turn the overwhelm of launching a website into 3 easy-to-tackle strategies that will get you to launch date quicker than you can say "Let's do this."

The masterclass to help you map, create and write your own website in only 3
game-changing steps.

AUD$9 masterclass


In this actionable customer journey masterclass, I take you back to basics and share the strategic mindset it takes to craft a winning customer experience that turns your messaging into a sales-driving tool and anticipates your customer needs with every interaction.

Switch sporadic copy and marketing to a strategic approach that goes deep and gets results

paid masterclass


The hands-on 50-minute masterclass & private podcast that steps you through how I approach audience intel for my 1:1 clients and takes you behind the scenes of a real client project

How your audience can help you write better copy

PAID masterclass


Get access to all the swipe files, survey templates and resources to give time-poor founders the game-changing clarity and tools to gather, organise and implement your audience intel RIGHT NOW

The copy and marketing-boosting toolkit for smart business owners like you who want to DIY your copy faster & smarter

DIY Toolkit


The 19-page workbook designed to give you strategic prompts, make you think and TAKE ACTION. Let's uncover the 4 critical steps to attract, delight and convert your perfect-fit audience. 

Landing Pages and Welcome Sequences that grow and nurture your list strategically

Paid Workbook


Because strategic brand touchpoints will work for you long-term.

Let's give you a clear roadmap to DIY your customer journey & Messaging

Let's up your DIY game

Are you ready to up your DIY brand game?

As a strategic copywriter and copy mentor I take golden nuggets from customer research, consumer psychology and your inner genius (yep!) to empower you with a strategic customer journey for your women-led business.

I’m lucky to work with women like you who make a conscious choice to believe in the power of strategic copywriting.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

meet your strategic side-kick