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Meet The copy & customer delight guest speaker to wow your audience with customer-centred strategies

If you're planning a hottest-ticket-in-town event or host a must-listen-to podcast...

...then we need to chat.

Over the past 7+ years, I've passionately shared my signature LEAN copy method and my customer-led take on copy & brand touchpoints with virtual audiences in Australia and globally.

And I'd love to do the same for you!

Need a strategic copy & Customer delight guest speaker for your virtual summit, conference or podcast?

All my podcast guest episodes in one convenient spot:

Topics I can chat about for hours...

The perfect audience?
online business owners, service providers, small businesses, eCommerce brands

What we'll cover?
⌓ Why getting to know your audience is so important for copy that truly connects

⌓ Clever tips & tricks to gather audience insights

⌓ How knowing your audience INSIDE OUT can skyrocket your business (and marketing clarity)

What they'll walk away with?
Practical tips & tricks to get to know their audience and get started on their audience-led copywriting journey


The perfect audience?
online business owners, service providers, small businesses, eCommerce brands

What we'll cover?
⌓ What makes a winning website

⌓ Where to start before creating your website

⌓ How SEO can get you found online

⌓ The anatomy of a GREAT website

What they'll walk away with?
The 3-step framework to map, write and launch their website with real-life examples as guidance

How NON-VANILLA website copy organically attractS dream customers and sendS everyone else to the competition

This is what hosts, attendees & Listeners had to say:

Expect me to:

👉🏽 Promote our collaboration across my marketing channels such as my email list and social channels

👉🏽 Share my expertise minus the jargon so your audience will not only grasp the topic, but walk away with practical steps they can take right away

👉🏽 A totally customized approach to your podcast, summit or conference AND your industry & audience

Working with me as your guest speaker:
I'd love to
be your

If you think your audience could benefit from my LEAN copy method and strategic take on customer delight, then we need to talk.

My strategic approach to copywriting, audience research & customer delight has supported countless online business owners with the words and intel to nail their niche, refine their brand and DELIGHT their dream customers.

Hey, I'm Nadine Nethery.

Love the sound of that?

map out your perfect copy journey with bite-sized episodes full of prompts, tips and real blow-your-mind copy journeys to see you take strategic action... 

...whether that's DIY, Done for you or a bit of both.

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