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Meet the Strategic website and email Copywriter for female founders


Because you ARE capable.

Approach things with A
CAN DO! Attitude.

My #1 Business mantra?

All it takes to unleash your BIG, GLORIOUS IDEAS is a fresh set of eyes.

The rest will follow!

Best of all?
You might just have found your fresh, strategic perspective. Right here. 👏🏻

biggest cheerleader

Let's turn your brand touchpoints into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and grow your cheer squad. Are you ready?

I'm the strategic brand boost that's been on your business wish list for far too long.
(let's face it)

Empathy-led copywriting and audience-driven brand messaging are my jam.

Hey, I'm Nadine

Your biggest brand cheerleader and passionate bright spark lighter

The instant copy boost that sets you up with strategic copy to please your customers, convert your leads and grow a cheersquad

90 potent minutes that can turn lacklustre copy into something truly extraordinary

Yours for a Day

Pick my Brain Strategy Sessions


The strategic copywriting solution that will get you audience-driven copy, priceless marketing insights and grow your business confidence

Strategic Copy Intensive


The complete brand strategy and copy package that will change the way you market, sell and show up for good

Brand & Copy Intensive


How we can change the way you market, sell and show up online

Tanya Garma,
Co-Founder of GrowGetters

"Nadine always blows me away with her copy prowess, but I didn't realise before that she is also a SEO superstar! The awesome thing about Nadine is that she isn't just a "copywriter" but a real strategist who helps you to actually implement the copy in a strategic, methodical, and tactical way. Love her work!!!"

Copy Journey 1

Justine Missen, Dream Cave

“I was scared of the investment but I'm so glad I did it. I feel really good about sending people to my website now because it speaks so perfectly to my people."

Copy Journey 2

Chloe Watts, Blueberry Co

“Nadine is a magical word witch. She understood my brand voice immediately and even identified opportunities to build on our point of difference that i had missed."

Copy Journey 3

Julia MacLeod, Birth Essentials

"Working with Nadine gave my new business a voice and an identity which excites me.

Receiving her guidance not only on copy but how I need to position my business moving forward was transformational."

Copy Journey 4

Melissa Packham, A Brand is Not a Logo

“It's been wonderful to have my work validated by a peer and put into words by a pro. I feel ready to put my offers out there and ramp up marketing efforts off the back of this work together.”

Copy Journey 5

Real reviews & results

Tune in to bite-sized chats with industry leaders all about my signature take on copywriting and brand messaging for your business.

Podcast features to snack on

can do!

The masterclass to help you map, create and write your own website in only 3
game-changing steps.


The bite-sized workshop to help you attract, delight and retain your dream clients.

mini training

First strategic brand steps for Clever founders like you

Meet my DIY Resources

Keen to sample my strategic approach?

Explore my signature take on YOUR audience so you can FINALLY write
empathy-driven copy with ease and market with clarity.

Prefer to diy your Copy?

Ready to transform your customer journey with strategic wisdom from some of the best in the business?

Tips & tales
for women-led brands

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Find out your magnetic customer strength and how you can use it to holistically attract, delight AND retain your dream clients.

Find out your magnetic customer strength and how you can use it to holistically attract, delight AND retain your dream clients.