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I love to chat all things copy

with nadine nethery

Strategic Copy Chats


In your own time and space.

There's nothing (ok, almost nothing) I love more than sharing my love of strategic copy and the customer journey with a keen audience.

And podcasts allow me to do just that!

So if you love a decent business podcast as much as I do, then add these beauties to your playlist for an instant brand boost on the run.

Copywriting tips
Customer journey mapping
Knowing your audience
How to master your brand
My journey into copywriting

Let's Get our brand nerd on. Together.

Copy wisdom in your own space and time

Topics I can chat about for hours...

How a 'building block' offer suite can bring in long-term revenue (without having to overcome first-time buyer objections EVERY.SINGLE.TIME)

Strategic ways to create brand touchpoints through clever copy so that you gradually guide buyers to the next logical step

Why mapping your brand touchpoints (aka every single interaction your customers have with your brand) is so important for customer delight

How to structure your product/service descriptions so they sell the dream AND please Google

What copy elements any ecomm website MUST have to build the know, like and trust factor (and sell the transformation)

I'd love to
be your

If you think your audience could benefit from my strategic wisdom nuggets, then we need to talk.

I know a thing or two about a strategic approach to selling and support female small business owners with the words and strategy to nail their niche, refine their brand and RETAIN their dream customers.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

Want me on your podcast or at your virtual summit?

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Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. πŸ’–πŸ’–

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. πŸ’–πŸ’–