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Lets unpack my client's audience together

Clean your email list on autopilotπŸ‘©πŸ½β€βœˆοΈ...

...for a decent deliverability boost & peace of mind

If you're someone who loves the influx of new subscribers from bundles...

...then I'm sure you've felt the bundle hangover too!

I'm calling it:
Not everyone deserves to take up real estate on your email list, even if you invited them.

Because the adrenaline rush of a steadily growing list quickly makes way for dwindling open & click rates, and the frustration that goes with it.

Unless you are smart about who allow to set up camp πŸ•οΈ on your list!

Because the adrenaline rush of a steadily growing list quickly makes way for dwindling open & click rates, and the frustration that goes with it.

Unless you are smart about who you allow to set up camp πŸ•οΈ on your list!

the list clean toolkit

the list clean toolkit


Everything you need to clean your email list with confidence on autopilot so you can keep growing your list with peace of mind

(and take the emotion out scrubbing hundreds along the way)

Swipe the strategic list clean flow that's been scrubbing my list as I get on with business.

Get access to my exact email flow, a run-through of the tech setup I use to automate the process inside Drip (totally transferrable to other email platforms!), and even score my email templates so you can set up your own automated list clean flow in no time.


Map out your own list clean strategy on your favourite podcast player with the private podcast feed. No more being tied to your desk!

Get an easy-to-understand flowchart of my List Clean Flow so you can build your own inside your preferred email platform.

Use the fill-in-the-blanks email templates to re-engage your 'unfit' subscribers and show them why it could be worth their while to hang around. If not, so be it!

A bite-sized mini training covering list hygiene 101, manual v automated list cleaning, a walkthrough of my strategic list clean flow as well as the triggers & trigger links to make it happen.

What can you expect inside?

Who amI to talk?

Over the past 7 years, I've been lucky to support hundreds of amazing online business owners 1:1 and via my self-paced digital resources.

Along the way, I have developed a super strategic and highly effective list clean flow to keep my list nimble & lean at all times without having to lift a finger.

If you're actively growing your list, then I strongly believe you need to have the RIGHT list scrub strategies to make your growth work in your favour, and not against you!

I'm an audience-driven copywriter & a customer delight strategist.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

If you have managed to build an email flow in your email platform, then you will be able to implement the strategies inside this Toolkit. And I walk you through my setup & flow step by step so you can follow along and create your own.

what if I'm not overly techy? will i struggle?


Yes, they are. Unlike my other toolkits, the emails inside this Toolkit allow you to fill the blanks and be up and running very quickly. Of course, I always recommend adjusting them to match your brand voice and writing style.

Are the emails fill-in-the-blank style templates?


Not at all. While I have chosen Drip as my preferred email platform, these strategies can be applied across all major email platforms like Convertkit, Mailerlite or Activecampaign. If you're using Flodesk, you'll have to use the flow & email templates without automatic triggers unfortunately.

Will this only work if I use drip?


some common questions

βŒ“ The Mini Training to unpack my setup, the strategies and considerations to keep in mind for your list clean approach

βŒ“ The fill-in-the-blanks email templates ready for you to swipe and launch inside your very own list clean workflow


βŒ“ The Private podcast feed so you can upskill when, where and how it suits you

βŒ“ The easy-to-understand List Clean Flowchart so you create your own workflow in line with my strategies

βŒ“ Downloadable masterclass slides for quick reference

AUD $90
(β‰ˆ USD $60)

one-off payment

Ready to scrub your list like a total pro?


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