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for the bold strategic day at a time?

What if you could boost your brand touchpoints (and results)...

I'm talking 7 HOURS OF MY STRATEGIC COPY & CX BRAIN dedicated to your to-do list

Think more leads. More sales. And more confidence.

audience-led copy & CX strategies are potent

...then a Yours for a Day session with me will tick all your boxes.

🤷 Need copy that shares your TRUE genius but...
...don’t know where to start

🤷 Have a BIG, GLORIOUS vision but...
...need help connecting all the dots

🤷 Are ready for an expert to revamp your brand touchpoints strategically... they ACTUALLY convert

🤷 Hope for MORE than 'just' copy from this project...
...and love a side of mind-blowing CX revelations

So if I find you here because you...

You can keep juggling your bits and bobs like hot potatoes...

Being blown away by the copy & customer delight you create in only 7 hours

thinking outsourcing is a 'luxury' you can't afford

Finally seeing those ideas brought to life in a google doc

Being time-poor but full of ideas

walking away with copy that speaks to your audience on a deeper level

Second-guessing every decision

Having the game-changers ticked off in a day. Strategically!

Putting off your to-do list

Because you could go from


...or book a ‘Yours for a Day’ session so your brand touchpoints are taken care of. Strategically!

(Beyond the copy you walk away with)

lee docherty, gather + harvest founder

"Nadine understood our brand really well and nailed the tone, energy and style of our brand and products perfectly. She nailed who our customer is and how we can best speak to them."

Ecomm brand

yani lenehan, contemporary oil painter

"Nadine so exceeded my expectations! She has turned my story into a journey and I love reading it. And I now want to buy my products because the copy taps into HOW they make you feel."

contemorary artist

Melanie Judd, Sydney Family photographer

"Nadine certainly exceeded my expectations. How did she manage to write so much in so little time? That would have taken me a month!"

Melanie Judd

strategic Results

let's strategise together

Dedicated research, strategy, SEO prep and analysis BEFORE our time together

A 90min strategy session to align our visions

7 hours of customer-led copywriting and/or strategising

A video walkthrough to unpack the strategies

What do you get as part of a Yours for a Day session?

A customer experience strategy to wow your customers from first contact to lasting love affair (and repeat purchases)

Have something else in mind?

Let's chat to see what else is possible in a Yours for a Day session

Connection-building, empathy-driven email copy (4-6 sales, launch, pre-launch or nurture emails) to prime your audience so they're ready to take BIG action

SEO-optimised, customer-led copy for a 3-page website that naturally attracts your dream customers and sends everyone else to the competition


What WE can tick off IN A Day?

I’ll get you to complete my brief that hands over your brand goodness so I can sift through it.  You use The Audience Success Formula BONUS to gather audience intel. We’ll then enjoy a 60-minute strategy call a few days before THE BIG DAY to map it all out.



Go for that yellow button and book a discovery call to kick things off. Once we’ve worked out that we’re a perfect fit and you’ve paid for my brain to be exclusively yours, you can sleep tight knowing that strategic delights are on the horizon.



It’s THE day! 7 hours of it are utterly yours. Once I’ve got all my ducks in a row I’ll tackle your priority list from top to bottom and work my keyboard *HARD*. We’ll be in touch to firm up things as we go along throughout the day.



How will things unfold?

Once that timer hits 7h 00m 00s, it’s time to deliver all the strategic goodness I managed to tick off and any framework for pieces that might not quite make the cut this time around. Rest assured that everything I deliver has got my strategic fingerprint on it.

Everything ON A PLATTER


Tanya Pettingill, Founder of Jolly Soles

"I got incredible value. Not only did nadine deliver all the website copy, she also stepped out how the copy would flow on the page, where to include pictures and reviews. She also outlined the SEO set up for these pages which was fantastic for a novice like myself."

Client Success

our strategy session together means that our visions align well before the day. There usually are miniam tweaks required at your end (if any). If you do want extra time with me to go through any questions or tweaks, then simply book a Pick my Brain session once you're clear on the tweaks you want me to make.

What if I want edits or tweaks after our time together?

‘Yours for a Day’ means that I block my diary for an entire day and slot you into my usually busy project schedule. Such commitment needs reassurance that you won’t cancel on me last minute.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

Should the earth come to a standstill or my kids all come down with the flu in exactly the same moment, then I’ll move mountains to lock in the next best solution for you. It hasn’t happened yet, but you never know.

What happens if you fall ill?

I work in Google Docs, which means we can bounce ideas off each other in real time. It allows for live commenting and seems to be the most flexible way for collaborative projects. Zoom is my go-to for calls.

How will I receive 'the goods'?

There are guaranteed deliverables with ‘Yours for a Day’. What I guarantee is that I deliver my best strategic work for 7 solid hours. Anything that doesn’t quite make the cut, will have to wait until next time. But I’m pretty efficient, if that’s any comfort to you.

What if you don’t get through my to-do list?

frequently asked questions


The conscious choice to STEP UP IN YOUR BUSINESS and hand over your to-do list to someone who tackles copy & Customer experience intentionally with your customer in mind.

Every Day.

What stands between you and strategic copy & CX?

Then let's sync our calendars and lock in 7 brand-boosting HOURS for you.

Are you ready for customer-led strategies and a whole bunch of AHA-MOMENTS?

AUD $2,400 + GST
( ≈ USD $1,650)

Grab the Freebie

What if you could unlock your unfair audience advantage?

10 strategic survey

Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖