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Customer Journey Mini Training

…and tell their friends about you?

What if you knew how to confidently attract and delight dream clients who stick around…

You’d have a whole new outlook on your business.
And you’d…

No longer waste precious hours on content that speaks to crickets

Stop assuming things about your audience, your brand and your offer

Put an end to wasting big $$$ on advertising that doesn’t convert because your message is off

Tell me more

Instead, you'd...

Know how to gradually warm your audience so they become loyal *paying* besties

Focus your efforts on existing clients so they turn into personal brand ‘recruits’

Have a crystal clear picture of the transformation you sell and how to get that message across

You'd attract your ideal client.
You'd grow your business.


The Customer Journey Mini Training


The bite-sized introduction to help you attract, delight and retain your dream clients.

Join me in this free 15-min training video that will introduce you to a new way of strategic content creation and copywriting for your business. We'll go back to basics to set you up with the skills it takes to craft a winning customer journey and boost it with strategic copywriting.

What we'll cover?

What is the customer journey?

Why is it so important to map your customer journey for every offer?

My proven step-by-step framework for strategic customer journey mapping

Practical tips to help you craft your own winning customer journey

Use the handy practical tips to map your customer touchpoints and turn them into powerful tools through strategic copywriting.



Uncover what it takes to map your customer journey from the first eye contact to the first date and the lasting love affair.



Never second-guess your content again. Embrace your audience as the key to business success and treat them like royalty.


Who am
I to talk?

Over the past few years I've been lucky to work with the most amazing women across various stages of their business journey driven to strategically generate sales, delight their customers and create a loyal brand following.

As a strategic copywriter and copy mentor I help women-led brands just like you create a strategic customer journey that ethically attracts, nurtures and celebrates your dream clients so you get the results and the fulfilment you always dreamed of.

Hey, I'm Nadine.