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Lets unpack my client's audience together

What if your freebie landing page converted at 85%... 🤯

...when the average sits well below 10%?

Isn't it the worst feeling EVER when you've spent hours upon hours creating a lead magnet...

...for it to collect dust in your digital archives?

Best of all? Once you've uncovered the repeatable & audience-centred framework...

...creating, launching and pitching your freebie to convert quickly becomes second nature to you.

What can turn your freebie into the hottest ticket in town?

A STRATEGIC Landing Page.

One that goes beyond an embedded sign-up form and a pretty mockup graphic. One that converts well beyond the heart-breaking 5,34odd% you possibly are seeing right now!

What can turn your freebie into the hottest ticket in town?

A STRATEGIC Landing Page.

One that goes beyond an embedded sign-up form underneath a fancy mockup graphic!

the landing page toolkit

the landing page toolkit

Now you can score the exact strategies & outline behind the most successful landing pages I've written for 1:1 clients over the years. And there've been a few!

score my high-converting landing page tips, tricks and strategies  so you finally know how to position your lead magnet to score you a heck yes!

(even if this is your first freebie rodeo)

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of some high-converting landing pages I've strategised for 1:1 copy clients.

Walk away with real examples, a ton of inspiration and the clarity to make my ready-to-swipe freebie landing page outline your own.

Tap into this high-converting outline again every time you dream up a new way to attract your dream customers!


Unpack the strategies and real examples on your favourite podcast player with the matching private podcast feed. No more being tied to your desk!

The editable Google Doc Workbook guides you through the extra steps BEFORE and AFTER your landing page so you grow your list strategically!

Use the rinse-and-repeat landing page outline Google Doc to create a high-converting page without hours of procrastinating and watch the new subscribers roll in.

A bite-sized video tutorial with REAL 1:1 client landing page examples to spark your ideas, unpack the strategies and help you apply the outline to different types of lead magnets.

What can you expect inside?

Who amI to talk?

Over the past 7 years, I've been lucky to support hundreds of amazing online business owners 1:1 and via my self-paced digital resources.

Along the way, I have refined a high-converting landing page framework that's seen conversion rates of up to 85% (well above the depressing average of well below 10%)!

I'm on a mission to help you approach your list growth & freebie pitch strategy more strategically, growing a highly engaged list of dream customers. 

I'm an audience-driven copywriter & a customer delight strategist.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

The bonus fillable workbook is designed to guide you from decoding your freebie audience to choosing the right freebie to brainstorming your landing page content and planning your strategic email nurture sequence. It's your 101 of strategic list growth!

What about the bonus workbook?


No, it's not. This toolkit is designed to not only give you the actual page outline, it uses real examples across industries and niches to show you how you can optimise the framework so it suits your audience, freebie and goals.

Is this a fill-in-the-blanks copy template?


Don't worry. I have successfully applied this framework and page outline across industries, niches and types of freebies. With great results! What it comes down to is the journey you're taking the reader on!

what if my freebie type isn't listed above?


some common questions

⌓ The behind-the-scenes Masterclass to spark your imagination and show you how the 8 strategic freebie landing page sections turn your lead magnet into the hottest ticket in town

The make-me-your-own Landing Page Google Doc ready for you to make it your own. It's user-friendly and comes semi-wireframed so you can picture how everything will come together on your website


The Private podcast feed so you can upskill when, where and how it suits you

Downloadable masterclass slides for quick reference

The editable Google Doc List Growth Workbook so you can also be super strategic about the BEFORE and AFTER of your high-converting landing page

AUD $90
(≈ USD $60)

one-off payment

pitch your freebie so it becomes a smashing success


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