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Lets unpack my client's audience together

Tired of running 🥱 snooze-worthy promos?

boost your sales, grow your list & Excite your audience WITH 🐰 easter egg hunt-style pROMOs instead

What if you tried a NEW kind of promotion that got you results 💸...

...and was fun for you AND your audience?

And my inbox was quickly flooded with messages like these:

That's exactly what I did!

Instead of running a lacklustre Black Friday sale, I stayed put until December and scattered cheeky Nadine-shaped Christmas elves like this one 👇 across my website hiding special treats, VIP offers and exclusive freebies.

That's exactly what I did in late 2023!

Instead of running a lacklustre Black Friday sale, I stayed put until December and scattered cheeky Nadine-shaped Christmas elves like this one 👇 across my website hiding special treats, VIP offers and exclusive freebies.



Now I'm spilling the beans so you can also celebrate FUNNER promo success

learn my tips, tricks and strategies behind fun 🐰 easter egg hunt-style promotions that boost your bottom line, grow your list
(and excite your audience)

(even if you don't consider yourself tech-savvy or creative)

This behind-the-scenes tour of my super successful version of this FUNNER way to grow my impact gives you practical ideas, variations, tech tools, boosters and action steps to make this concept truly yours... a fraction of the time it took me to get it off the ground!


The super-charged Google Sheets promo tracker helps you stay on top of the moving pieces and your efforts to spread the word.

The editable Google Doc Workbook guides you through your promo from first idea to setting goals, execution and your lessons learnt!

Dream up your first FUNNER promotion when, where and how suits you. With the private podcast feed, tune in on the go via your favourite podcast player!

Bite-sized video lessons & tutorials take you behind the scenes of everything you need to spark your ideas & execute your FUNNER promo with ease.

What can you expect inside?

Who amI to talk?

Over the past 7 years, I've been lucky to support hundreds of amazing online business owners 1:1 and via my self-paced digital resources.

Along the way, I have refined a signature customer experience that feels bespoke, anticipates my clients' needs and scores me raving reviews (& repeat business).

Are you going to join me on my mission to make underwhelming client experiences a thing of the past?

I'm an audience-driven copywriter & a customer delight strategist.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

Michelle pontvert

"My Hidden Gems promotion was a hit with my audience and a great way to debut my new shop set up.

I’m super happy with how it turned out and I’ll definitely be doing something similar again in the future.

This resource really got me motivated to try it out and was a super fun way to gamify my business for the big shift!"

Lucy Reyes, Cheers to Productivity

"The engagement of my 'Spring Into Action Egg-stravaganza 🐰' promo was beyond what I imagined.

It just validated that experimenting with new things can bring positive outcomes.

I had no idea how my audience would feel about it, but they loved it which made me love it even more!

I'm definitely going to make this promo an annual event."

Student results

I've got you covered. I've included 10 specific promo ideas, 5 variations to try and another 10 treat ideas other than discount codes to make sure you deliver REAL value for your audience (while still making sales).

I'm not creative. How will I keep this concept fresh?


That depends. It took me 3 weeks from getting started to launching. But that didn't see me working on it flat-out. That includes lead time for affiliates, and chipping away at emails and the other moving pieces. But it'll likely take you less time with this training AND you can repurpose things next time around!

How long will it take me from idea to launch?


No. It's a great booster, but all you need to make this promo work for you is a website and a curiosity to excite your audience.

do i need converTbox for this to work?


some common questions

A pre-recorded mini training covering...
🎊 My complete & totally transparent approach
🎊 The step-by-step guide to making it happen
🎊 My first-hand lessons so you can avoid my mistakes
🎊 How to streamline the process from idea to execution
🎊 Creative ways to leverage this concept throughout the year
🎊 Maximising this strategy without BIG discounts
🎊 Powerful boosters to increase your promo success


😍 My Google Sheets Promo Tracker to keep all your moving pieces in check

😍  The editable Google Docs Workbook so mapping your first promo feels easy

😍 A Private Podcast Feed so you can tune in when and where it suits you

😍 1 ready-to-import Convertbox pop-up template & clever hacks to boost your promo success right from the get-go

😍 My Canva promotional graphic template so you don't have to start from scratch

AUD $147
(≈ USD $95)

AUD $73.50
(≈ USD $48)

one-off payment

2 monthly payments

let's get started with your first funner promo:


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