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You can automate 99% of your WOW factor student experience so it feels like you're with them every step of the way. 🤯

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I believe the key to long-term success with your low-ticket, self-paced courses is being HANDS ON 👋

And this is the moment I hear you say:

"But, Nadine, isn't the whole point of selling low-ticket, self-paced offers that they run themselves? "  🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Thankfully, there is a way to be HANDS ON without doing it LIVE.

And I'm going to show you how!

The Wow Factor BluePrint:
Course creator edition

Let me introduce you to...

my automated hands-on, human-first aproach to turning your online course into an unforgettable, stand-out student experience

(especially if it's self-paced or low-ticket!)

Learn my tips & tricks to hook, intrigue and delight your students from first landing on your sales page to well after completing the last module. 

This behind-the-scenes tour of my applauded student experience takes you through all the must-haves & wow factor opportunities, tech tools & tutorials as well as real examples from my courses ready for you to implement across the 7 steps of your student journey.


This is what MY students have to say:

AI-generated transcripts and downloadable PDF slides make the content accessible for everyone. Simply keep them on your desktop or drive for easy access!

The editable Google Doc Workbook holds you accountable as you tick off your wow factor opportunities. Use it to map your ideas or stay on track!

Upskill when, where and how suits you best. With the private podcast feed, you can unpack my tips & tricks at school pickup, in the gym or while walking your dog. Tune in via your favourite podcast player!

Video lessons, tech tools & tutorials break down the 7 steps of the student journey into manageable chunks so you can make small, yet impactful tweaks as you go along or find the time.

how will this blueprint shift your approach?

Who amI to talk?

Over the past 7 years, I've been lucky to support hundreds of amazing online business owners 1:1 and via my self-paced digital resources.

Along the way, I have refined a signature customer experience that feels bespoke, anticipates my clients' needs and scores me raving reviews (& repeat business).

Are you going to join me on my mission to make underwhelming client experiences a thing of the past?

I'm an audience-driven copywriter & a customer delight strategist.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

Not at all. This course includes tech tutorials so implementing the strategies becomes super easy even with basic tech skills. I also share 7 Convertbox templates ready for you to import into your account so you can get started right away.

I'm not very tech savvy, will I struggle?


No, you don't. This course is designed to be actioned as you find time in your business. Each bite-sized module focuses on ONE aspect of your student experience so you can make small, steady progress at your own pace.

Do i need to complete this course in one go?


The only paid tech tool I feature within this course is Convertbox (affiliate link), which you can currently score at an amazing lifetime deal. All other tools I explore have free options that work a treat!

Do I need to invest in costly tech for this course?


Have questions?

tiffanie daniel founder of Tiffanie daniel coaching

"I came for a snippet on Bonjoro, and I got a whole gameplan on how to truly dazzle my audience and keep them coming back for more. It was like lifting the curtain on possibilities. It cleared the fog on what I should have and showed me what bonuses to add to truly engage my people."

Business coach

jessica Haines, Founder of jessica haines design

"The Wow Factor Blueprint is full of so many fun ideas to elevate my courses! I LOVE the real examples and seeing ways to add wow step-by-step through the whole course experience. I can't wait to start making these updates and seeing student feedback from it!"

Web Designer

Student results

Bite-sized video lessons taking you through the must-haves & wow factor opportunities of the 7 steps of the student journey within low-ticket & self-paced online courses

My list of tech tools (many free) & tech tutorials to create a wow factor student experience that feels HANDS ON while being 99% automated

A private podcast feed so you can listen to the course content when, where and how it suits you on your favourite podcast player

Downloadable PDF slides & AI-generated transcripts to make sure everyone can benefit from the hacks & strategies


The editable Wow Factor Blueprint Workbook to hold you accountable and give you space to map out your ideas

7 ready-to-import Convertbox pop-up templates to fast-track your wow factor journey

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(≈ USD $130)

AUD $97.50
(≈ USD $65)

one-off payment

2 monthly payments

let's give your course(s) some serious wow factor:


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