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If you’ve read my blog post all about the power of trigger links, then you’d know that I use trigger links in my fully automated list clean workflow.

It means I don’t have to worry about manually scrubbing my list, and I am not paying for subscribers who don’t want to hear from me in the first place.

In this blog post, I’m exploring my fully automated list clean workflow so you can see how easy it easy to make email list cleaning best practices a part of your business processes.

How to clean your email list on autopilot

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Dama Jue is a Funnel Strategist and shares her insights on website traffic generators via strategic email footers

Turn your email newsletters into a website traffic generator by implementing the best email footer marketing strategy for businesses.

In this Expert Guest Post, Funnel Strategist Dama Jue shares her winning strategy, and why it works so dang well!

Website Traffic Generator: Strategic Email Footer Calls-to-Action

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mother's day and father's day email opt out allows you to market with consent

One thing that makes me INCREDIBLY happy? A growing number of brands embracing the power and empathy of nuanced ‘opt out’ email marketing, especially around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Marketing that puts you in control of your inbox and what you feel comfortable being presented with.

2023 saw my inbox filled with brands seeking permission to take up space in my life at this possibly touchy time. Let’s explore some of them…

Mother’s Day: How email ‘Opt out’ increases subscriber buy-in and customer retention


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Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖