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One of the most important elements of being an online creative is having a brand and website that actually feel like you and fully represent you as an artist. But… how do you actually add website personality?

This blog post guides you through how tyou can make your website feel more like you. And by the end, you’ll have an action list to help you upgrade your website personality in the next week!

5 ways to add personality to your website (and make it feel more like you)

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creative black friday promotion ideas by Nadine Nethery

Join me behind the scenes of my creative 2023 Black Friday Campaign (or the smarter approach to one!).

I felt fatigued by the same-same approach to not only Black Friday promotions, but online promotions in general. And I wanted to sit out Black Friday to surprise and delight my audience with something truly spectacular.

Something they hadn’t seen done before. Something that would offer a quick win for everyone. Something that didn’t need complex tech tools to pull off.

As I saw everyone else’s promo emails touch down in my inbox, I went back to the drawing board and considered all my options.

The Creative Black Friday Promotion Idea that boosted my sales, email list & audience delight

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Dama Jue is a Funnel Strategist and shares her insights on website traffic generators via strategic email footers

Turn your email newsletters into a website traffic generator by implementing the best email footer marketing strategy for businesses.

In this Expert Guest Post, Funnel Strategist Dama Jue shares her winning strategy, and why it works so dang well!

Website Traffic Generator: Strategic Email Footer Calls-to-Action

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How I use Bonjoro and personalized video messages to convert leads and infuse customer delight

…and 5 ways I use personalized video messages to delight my audience

Bonjoro, and more specifically, personalized video messaging.

Integrating Bonjoro into my business processes has not only sent my 1:1 lead conversion rates through the roof, it has also triggered my obsession with overdelivering on what my audience expects.

Whether that’s my course students, collaborators or 1:1 clients.

I even hosted a live webinar for the Bonjoro Community all about increasing your customer survey response rates by tapping into Bonjoro. That was fun!

How Bonjoro has boosted my lead conversions

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mother's day and father's day email opt out allows you to market with consent

One thing that makes me INCREDIBLY happy? A growing number of brands embracing the power and empathy of nuanced ‘opt out’ email marketing, especially around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Marketing that puts you in control of your inbox and what you feel comfortable being presented with.

2023 saw my inbox filled with brands seeking permission to take up space in my life at this possibly touchy time. Let’s explore some of them…

Mother’s Day: How email ‘Opt out’ increases subscriber buy-in and customer retention


I love getting raw and honest behind-the-scenes tours of my live launches and marketing strategies. And today I’m giving you my totally transparent lessons learned from my recent free online challenge About Page Blitz.

If you’ve missed it, About Page Blitz was a free 4-day not-so-live event I ran from 1-4 August 2023. It was all about giving your about page a HUGE makeover so you can show up with confidence and GET. IT. DONE.

13 lessons learned from running a free online challenge


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10 strategic survey

Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖