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Nadine Netery

The customer delight STrategist & audience-driven Copywriter for clever founders who want to make an impact. With empathy.

By crafting strategic, audience-driven copy & brand experiences that ethically attract, delight AND retain your dream customers.

How I help  you market in a way that doesn't suck tHe life out of you
(or your customers)?

Because that's what's going to surround you with loyal brand advocates who happily do the word-spreading for you while coming back for seconds and thirds themselves.


Hey, I’m Nadine Nethery

Hey, I’m Nadine

For 20+ years I thought I was living the dream CLIMGING the corporate ladder.

I spent my days...
Creating brand awareness
Warming people to purchase
Growing next-level brand loyalty
Unpacking the deepest audience desires

It's all in the strategy

Experiences that sell and convince.
That please and connect.
That reassure and applaud.

That’s when I took the plunge and waved the corporate world goodbye to embrace my curiosity for authentic storytelling and next-level brand touchpoints to go with that.

I realised I was living someone else’s dream.

I wanted more.
I wanted to make an impact.

visionaries who genuinely want to make a difference. 

as an audience-driven copywriter & customer delight strategist for visionaries like you.


Seeing you succeed and get the results you deserve is what I get out of bed for.

Most days you’ll find me in my home studio on five stunning acres in rural Sydney, Australia.

That’s where your audience-led copy & strategies take shape and the words flow. At least when I’m not busy chasing after my three super adorable *cough* cheeky *cough* small humans or hang out with my dreamboat hubby.

And I'm finally chasing my dreams.

Those years of selling, convincing and delighting have unknowingly gifted me with a top-notch brain ready to delight your audience with the strategies AND words to be successful on every stepping stone of the customer journey.

And when you combine all these skills, you’re onto a winner.
That's where my signature LEAN copy framework comes in.

I had managed every step of the customer journey. With the audience at the centre of everything.

Funnily enough it wasn’t until a few years into my business journey.

At that point I had great clients with rewarding projects. I helped them reach their goals. Everything was good.

Until I changed the narrative.

Was my copy actually doing its job without holistic strategies that transcend the project and the audience research to back it up?

That’s when I realised my 18+ years in the corporate world had taught me a pretty unique set of skills.

How I discovered my
passion for an audience-led take on copy & brand experiences?

Tanya Garma, Co-Founder of GrowGetters

"Working with Nadine is more than just copywriting. It's brand strategy, it's connection. It's also helping your business to be searchable and and aid in its organic growth. Amazing!"

Strategic Stories:

As a business-wrangling mum I know what it’s like to have a few things on the go. I’ll move mountains to make sure I come through with the goods. But should all three tiny humans (including bubba Jed, my cheeky CEO) fall ill *heavens forbid* then I’ll work out a next best solution. That’s my pinky promise from me to you!

Running a business is a little like speed dating. I only give brands the nod for 1:1 services if I can add real value and you tick all the boxes. It’s a WIN WIN: You get top-notch results for your brand and I walk away with a big *grin* of fulfilment. 

The Wrangler

The Matchmaker


Working with me guarantees audience-driven strategies & words. It also comes with a healthy dose of positivity. We’ll overcome mental roadblocks and challenges with my infectious CAN DO! attitude.

the optimist


We stop living when we stop learning. I set aside time every week to learn about consumer psychology, copywriting principles and the customer journey so I can use those skills on your brand.

the eager beaver


I have a genuine passion for the clients that I work with and will follow your journey as you grow and succeed. Proud client shout-outs on my socials included.

the brand cheerleader

all of ‘us’ have a speciality.


Meet Team CAN DO! Content

The membership for busy small business owners like you ready to boost your DIY copy & strategies one copy critique, Voxer day and bright spark at a time (for more sales, impact and confidence)

The Copy Confidence Collective


The fuss-free copy solution that delivers strategic copy to please your customers, convert your leads and grow a cheer squad

Yours for a Day


Tap into my signature LEAN Copy Method for audience-driven copy, wow-factor customer delight strategies, and unique mind-blowing ideas

Strategic Copy Intensive


How we can change the way you market, sell and show up online

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Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖