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the time

Let me help you.

Lost for the strategy and words to tell your story and win over your dream customers?

Determined to conquer the world but struggle with the strategy that goes into a winning brand?

Have your winning offer worked out, but still talking to crickets?

Life’s plain hectic and coming up with half-baked copy is the last thing on your mind?

Am I onto something?

Copywriting & brand Strategy for women in business

Today's your lucky day.

Lets your copy do the ‘selling’ for you while you’re getting on with business

Has the confidence in your strategy and copy so you no longer have to second-guess your brand touchpoints

Sends value-adding emails that keep your brand front of mind and nurture client relationships so they’re ready to buy when the time is right

Ethically attracts and retains your dream clients so you have to do less ‘selling’ and instead Can do more of the stuff you love

You can Be THAT business owner who…

I believe in hard-hitting customer research so your message hits home.

Strategy and planning kick everything off so you never have to create blind-folded again.

My approach is not about YOU, it’s all about THEM.
Your customers.

(Because they pay your bills)

I know how to turn possible objections into opportunities well before your audience even knows they’re a ‘thing’.

What makes me
the real deal?

The quick copy boost that sets you up with converting copy to please your customers, convert your leads and grow a cheersquad

90 potent minutes that can turn lacklustre copy efforts into something truly extraordinary

Yours for a Day

Pick my Brain Strategy Sessions


The done-for-you copywriting service that will get you strategic results, priceless insights and grow your business confidence

Strategic Copywriting


The strategic brand and copy-boosting bundle that will change the way you market, sell and show up for good

Brand Strategy & Copywriting


How we can change the way you market, sell and show up online

Vivan Chan

"Love how you brought the product naming in line with my framework.

That's brilliant."

Joanna Habegger

"Thank you for capturing so much of the essence of what I do!"

Skye amundsen

"It was great having everything done for us and now having plug and play copy!"

Kind Words

Attracting your dream
customers can become
second nature to you.

From Second-guessing to next-level confidence

With strategy and copy by your side.

Meet your strategic copywriter

Are you ready to grow your business and delight your customers?

As a strategic copywriter and brand strategist I take golden nuggets from customer research, consumer psychology and your inner genius (yep!) to empower you with a strategic customer journey for your women-led business.

I’m lucky to work with women like you who make a conscious choice to believe in the magical pairing of strategy and copy.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

meet your strategic side-kick

Kaycee Singh

"Nadine is the word wizard behind my business. I'm grateful for her ability to package my thoughts in the most creative and engaging way."

Thrive Society

michelle hottes

"To trust someone with your personal brand is a big thing. You took the time to ease my concerns and gave me structure for my business moving forward."


Brianna Kiely

"Knowing the copy speaks to my audience gave me the confidence to launch with just that, confidence."

Esley Studio

real results

Let's suss out how we can work strategic magic for your brand. Together.

want some of that copy & clarity?

Take the quiz

What's your customer-charming superpower?


Find out your magnetic customer strength and how you can use it to holistically attract, delight AND retain your dream clients.

Find out your magnetic customer strength and how you can use it to holistically attract, delight AND retain your dream clients.