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In uncertain times where business slows down, where leads dry up and where overwhelm can settle in quicker than you can cancel yet another business membership, let’s take a step back and focus on our strengths so we can recession-proof our businesses. And clever copywriting can certainly achieve that!

18 clever ways to recession-proof your business

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Brianna Kiely from Elsey Studio is the go-to graphic designer for driven brands who want to turn their passion into a thriving business.

Brianna was in the lucky situation where she had full books and long waitlists for client projects.

She was ready to introduce additional income streams and needed copy help with the launch The Brand Barre, her semi-custom brand identity shop.

What we created is an on-brand quiz that incorporates clever references to her alter-ego dance teacher persona and feeds straight into the launch sequence. Ready, set, buy!

Me? The quiz copywriter to help grow Esley Studio’s audience

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Who was looking for an outsourced copywriter? Mums & Co are a movement for business-owning mums ready to launch, grow and scale their #mumbition in order to find the elusive harmony of ambition, livelihood and wellbeing. The small, inspiring team of women behind this Sydney-based online community are juggling MANY balls and were ready to […]

How I became the outsourced copywriter for Mums & Co

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Who needed a website copywriter for their photography business? Louise Treacy is an incredibly talented newborn, baby and family photographer operating out of her stunning natural light studio on the outskirts of Melbourne. Over the past 14+ years, she has supported hundreds of families to keep their family milestones front of mind as their busy […]

The website copywriter for photographers like Louise Treacy

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Chloe Watts of Blueberry Co hired me as the copywriter for ecommerce

Chloe Watts is the Founder of revolutionary memory book business Blueberry Co.

When she first contacted me, Chloe wanted someone who took the time to get to know her, her business and the products that had scored her wholesale deals and countless business awards.

What she had in mind was a cohesive lineup of product descriptions that were somewhat tongue-in-cheek, would lead with the benefits and ultimately paint an emotional picture of what’s possible.

Me? The copywriter for ecommerce who treated Blueberry Co to converting product copy

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Kaycee Singh of Thrive Society hired me as the personality-driven copywriter to give her the words to shine

Kaycee Singh is the incredibly smart virtual CFO and bookkeeper to some of Australia’s smartest business personalities and the Founder of Thrive Society. She’s also in the process of launching a mentorship programme for newish business owners looking to improve their financial smarts.

Kaycee and I worked together during her rebrand in 2021. For anyone who’s gone through the process of starting from scratch: It’s a big deal!

The outcome of our partnership is nothing but spectacular: Her new website is fun. It’s bold. And it’s so Kaycee!

Why accountant Kaycee Singh chose me as her website copywriter

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Mira Ciccone from The Life of a Virtual Assistant hired me as the conversational copywriter for her website

Mira from The Life of a Virtual Assistant is one of those clever business owners who can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it.

Mira knew her audience insight out, was clear on her brand voice and wanted to organically attract her ideal clients for all the right reasons.

We decided that a Yours for a Day session was the way to go because Mira wanted results quickly and had a limited budget to work with.

The result is nothing but spectacular and totally in line with this pink soul’s bubbly persona.

Me? The copywriter for business coaches like Mira Claudia

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Su-Ann Len from Tiny Crowd chose me as the website copywriter for creatives to give her the words to shine

Sometimes you work with clients you simply gel with.

And Su-Ann from Tiny Crowd is one of those glorious humans and creative powerhouses.

I had the absolute honour of working with this lady in 2021 to give her fresh words for a new website. The result hit the sweet spot but is yet to launch because the Big C and Su-Ann’s client pipeline got in the way…

…but she did find the time to share a heart-felt review with me. #whosemotional

Me? The website copywriter for creatives like Su-Ann Len from Tiny Crowd

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Kaysi from Double Shot Studio talks about automation for small business

As a small business owner with just over 5 years in business, the question of why automation is important for my business interests me on a personal level.

I only recently started embracing automation within my business to free up time and to deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Kaysi from Double Shot Studio caught up with me to explore this topic of time, the customer journey and everything that comes with it.

Why Automation is good for your small business

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This week we are hopping over to the other side of the fence to chat all things Marketing with Eleanor Cullen from award-winning kids ecommerce brand We Might Be Tiny. Eleanor is kicking more than one goal in her business and personal life. She has recently quit her corporate gig to focus full-time on her real passion, the business that she built from scratch and turned into a smashing success in over 35 countries..

How We Might Be Tiny became a global ecommerce success story

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