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How I use Bonjoro and personalized video messages to convert leads and infuse customer delight

…and 5 ways I use personalized video messages to delight my audience

Bonjoro, and more specifically, personalized video messaging.

Integrating Bonjoro into my business processes has not only sent my 1:1 lead conversion rates through the roof, it has also triggered my obsession with overdelivering on what my audience expects.

Whether that’s my course students, collaborators or 1:1 clients.

I even hosted a live webinar for the Bonjoro Community all about increasing your customer survey response rates by tapping into Bonjoro. That was fun!

How Bonjoro has boosted my lead conversions

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mother's day and father's day email opt out allows you to market with consent

As a smart marketer, I am always looking for clever ways to automate my business processes and save valuable time along the way. And automating my email marketing via trigger links has become one of my favourite things EVER!

And seriously upgrading my approach to email marketing has opened up so many time-saving and experience-shifting opportunities in my business.

8 clever hacks to automate your email marketing with trigger links

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Contributing to Digital Product Bundles was a priority for me in 2023 as a way to grow my list. But unfortunately, I only hacked the learning curve far too late throughout the year.

As it turns out, I could have been much more strategic about many of the 6 digital product bundles I was a part in 2023. And I could have been much more strategic about the bundles I participated in.

Join me for a behind-the-scenes tour of my recent contribution to Lizzy’s Christmas Party bundle (I’m talking hard numbers, lessons, strategies and powerful tweaks I made throughout the bundle duration).

How to STRATEGICALLY contribute to a Digital Product Bundle

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mother's day and father's day email opt out allows you to market with consent

One thing that makes me INCREDIBLY happy? A growing number of brands embracing the power and empathy of nuanced ‘opt out’ email marketing, especially around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Marketing that puts you in control of your inbox and what you feel comfortable being presented with.

2023 saw my inbox filled with brands seeking permission to take up space in my life at this possibly touchy time. Let’s explore some of them…

Mother’s Day: How email ‘Opt out’ increases subscriber buy-in and customer retention


I love getting raw and honest behind-the-scenes tours of my live launches and marketing strategies. And today I’m giving you my totally transparent lessons learned from my recent free online challenge About Page Blitz.

If you’ve missed it, About Page Blitz was a free 4-day not-so-live event I ran from 1-4 August 2023. It was all about giving your about page a HUGE makeover so you can show up with confidence and GET. IT. DONE.

13 lessons learned from running a free online challenge


Explore how to become a guest on podcasts with Nadine Nethery of CAN DO Content

My interest in podcast guesting really kicked into gear as Mark Zuckerberg made tinkering with the ‘algorithm’ his favourite pastime.

Since starting to pitch some of my favourite podcasts, I have leveraged my winning pitch strategy to land dream clients, collaborations and even more guest speaking opportunities.

How to become a guest on 30+ podcasts

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Behind the scenes of brand messaging strategy for on-agency endure collective

Jacinta had a healthy flow of clients and work. But she realised that her brand messaging didn’t get across what made her non-agency model so unique and tempting.

Jacinta and I teamed up to dig deep before writing her copy. We uncovered what her customers REALLY had to say for priceless insights. These insights then were the basis for a brand messaging strategy that was no BS with generous side of personality.

Behind the Scenes of the Brand Messaging Strategy for Non-Agency Endure Collective

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Courious to learn the out-of-the-pop-up-box hack that grew my impact & audience… and saw me win an incredible competition? Then come on in!

What I’m unpacking today is a stroke-of-genius Convertbox idea & strategy that won me BEST SALES PAGE in Dama Jue’s Show & Tell competition.

Creative Convertbox Ideas and strategies to boost your sales & bottom line

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Tiff and Tan from GrowGetters are two Aussie gals who have called Munich, Germany, home for the past few years. That’s where they’ve settled with their young families and are pursuing thriving careers in the digital space while growing their profile as business coaches for women with BIG dreams.

GrowGetters is the global online platform that supports women with the must-have future skills to grow their career, side hustle or business.

The ladies had a huge online following, but were struggling to convert leads into paying customers. That’s when they called me in as their objective observer.

Why I thrive as the copywriter for coaches like Tiff & Tan from GrowGetters

Success Stories

Dr Courtney Thompson is an Australian nutritionist on a mission to demystify food literacy and drive lasting change. She holds an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences and recently completed a PhD in public health nutrition, focusing on the development, validation and assessment of food literacy.
She certainly doesn’t do things by halves!

Courtney had already lined up a web developer to support her with the design of her website, and she needed a small business copywriter like me to fill the design with strategic words.

How I became Dr Courtney Thompson’s small business copywriter

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10 strategic survey

Grab these 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖

Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖