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Melissa Packham needed a launch copywriter to set her online business up for success. Here’s what happened…

Me? The launch copywriter for Melissa Packham from A Brand is Not a Logo

Success Stories

Justine Missen from Dream Cave Photography was ready to attract her ideal wedding client and send everyone else to the competition. Here’s what we did…

Me? The Wedding Industry Copywriter for a website as ‘dream boat’ as this killer photographer duo

Success Stories

Handing over your brand copy to someone else can be a BIG mental hurdle.


Because the words, messaging and brand touchpoints your audience is exposed to can make or break your brand.

So getting it right is INCREDIBLY important.

Here’s my perspective on this question and a practical step-by-step guide that will take the guesswork out of finding the best copywriter for your business.

Copywriters for Hire: How to find the perfect copywriter for you

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There’s a lot more to attracting, landing and retaining new customers than a quick social media post.

People find you. They love what you do. And they buy. Right?

Well, not quite.

I recently caught up with the hyper-talented and globally-acclaimed marketing genius, Mia Fileman, to chat all things customer journey marketing. Her revolutionary approach has quickly cemented her business, Campaign Del Mar, as a must-have marketing partner for small businesses who want to think ‘longterm’ instead of ‘quick win’. With integrated campaigns that hit home for all the right reasons!

Integrated Marketing and the Customer Journey

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You’ve done your customer journey mapping. You know how you want your customer to interact with your brand across the various stages of the process.

But now what?

Here are a few quick tips for every stage of the customer journey that will introduce strategic copywriting as your biggest and most successful tool to brand success.

Why customer journey mapping alone isn’t enough to kick serious brand goals

Customer Journey 101

It’s no secret that email marketing is a powerful tool to drive customer loyalty and can turn any shopping experience into one that stands out—for all the right reasons.

In this post I’m sharing a truly memorably customer journey with you. One that’s worth sharing not only because it ticks all the boxes, but because it makes me excited for my next purchase. And not only because I’m a self-confessed plant lover.

How The Sill masters email marketing and customer delight

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If you’ve hung around social media for a while, you would have come across Facebook Ads guru Jessica Tutton. Over the years she’s helped countless business owners achieve digital success by learning, implementing and executing marketing strategies and programs.

Jessica shares her top Facebook Ads trends for 2020 and why sorting your ads strategy is so important for the early stages of your customer journey.

How to super-charge your lead generation with Facebook Ads

Customer Journey 101, Expert Interviews, Marketing

Kaity Griffin is a Melbourne Google Ads Specialist and the Founder of Sunday Digital where she helps small and medium-sized business reach their goals by leveraging what’s already great about their business and turbocharging that winning formula.

She’s taken on the challenge to make advertising on Google less scary and is on a mission to empower business owners to DIY their Google Ads with total control and strategy to go with it.

Can you DIY your Google Ads? Heck yes!

Customer Journey 101, Ecommerce, Expert Interviews, Marketing

Allysha Hickling from The Organised Boss is a Virtual Assistant who believes that hiring a ‘wing-woman’ for your growing business can be the wisest decision you’ll ever make.

How to hire a Virtual Assistant when growth is on the cards

Customer Journey 101, Expert Interviews

Cahlia is the brain behind Geelong design powerhouse South Co Studio where creativity and strategy go hand in hand for every project.

Cahlia is somewhat a newbie in the business world, but has quickly made a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with. We’re talking all things design principles, startup stories and what it takes to design a winning brand from scratch.

Designing a Brand Identity: When Creativity and Strategy align

Customer Journey 101, Expert Interviews

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Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖