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If you’ve hung around social media for a while, you would have come across Facebook Ads guru Jessica Tutton. Over the years she’s helped countless business owners achieve digital success by learning, implementing and executing marketing strategies and programs.

Jessica shares her top Facebook Ads trends for 2020 and why sorting your ads strategy is so important for the early stages of your customer journey.

How to super-charge your lead generation with Facebook Ads

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Kaity Griffin is a Melbourne Google Ads Specialist and the Founder of Sunday Digital where she helps small and medium-sized business reach their goals by leveraging what’s already great about their business and turbocharging that winning formula.

She’s taken on the challenge to make advertising on Google less scary and is on a mission to empower business owners to DIY their Google Ads with total control and strategy to go with it.

Can you DIY your Google Ads? Heck yes!

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Allysha Hickling from The Organised Boss is a Virtual Assistant who believes that hiring a ‘wing-woman’ for your growing business can be the wisest decision you’ll ever make.

How to hire a Virtual Assistant when growth is on the cards

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Any online business owner who’s ever considered adding a passive income stream to their business almost certainly has come across digital product launch guru, Steph Taylor. I caught up with Steph recently to talk all things online launches.

The top 5 tips for any digital product launch

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Running a small business can literally take it out of you. Let me introduce you to Charlotte Isaac, a matchmaker for online business owners and their future favourite business tool, Dubsado. Charlotte caught up with me to share her personal take on running a business and why trusting Dubsado as your most valuable employee can transform your business outlook, especially in the early days.

What is Dubsado? And why can it be a game-changer for your startup?

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Great Product Descriptions take more than simply putting pen to paper and knocking out some quick words while watching the latest episode of your favourite Netflix show. Here are some make-or-break questions you need to be clear on before you even attempt writing your first product description.

How to Write Product Descritions that Sell

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This week we take a closer look at the mysterious world of Public Relations. Some are too scared to give writing a media pitch or press release a go, while others think it’s all about a few freebies and you’ll score yourself a permanent segment on The Project. Odette Barry approaches things differently and is determined to make successful PR accessible for all small business. She runs Odette & Co, a ground-breaking digital marketing and PR agency that is not afraid to say it how it is. I caught up with Odette to find out more about her personal business journey, PR success stories and her signature programme that turns small business owners into PR guns. Here goes…

DIY PR Tips: The secret ingredient to a supercharged brand

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Let’s face it. Most consumers prefer a lazy scroll on Instagram to the latest opinion piece in the local highbrow newspaper. We’ve turned into lazier readers since the arrival of the internet and content needs to keep up with the changing demands from audiences. Time to dive into online behaviour patterns and what makes writing for the web a challenging beast to wrangle.

How to write website copy that converts

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Sophie Timothy is a Melbourne photographer and runs Sister Scout Studio. Personally, I’d crown her the queen of warm, personable and character-filled Brand Photography. Sophie is letting us in on how to prepare for a brand photography session to make it a success, but also shares her unique go at running a business. Enjoy!

Brand Photography Tips with Sister Scout Studio

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Great web design is not just about the visuals. Far from it! Karlie Plowman is the Founder of Technobird. She is a goddess at converting websites and her generosity with sharing insights for websites with oomph is next level. Karlie shares her journey with me and explains why it’s worth investing in your website from the get-go.

Organic website traffic with Technobird

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Grab my 10 FREE strategic survey questions so you can hit SEND on your FIRST or NEXT customer survey and change the trajectory of your copy game TODAY. 💖💖